Why a single photo shoot can produce photos for multiple uses

It’s all in the planning.

Things you need to consider when preparing for a shoot. What you need to shoot. Why you’re shooting. What type of photos you need. What you need them for. What style you want. Who your ideal client is. If you consider all these things you’ll achieve so much in one shoot. In the long run giving you a selection of images for the next few months.
Going into a shoot with “I need some photos” won’t produce great results. Without a purpose and a goal in mind there will be so much wasted time.

Procrastination and lack of direction leads to dissatisfaction with the outcome.

There are many reasons why you need photos; website, social media, blog, print, press releases, banners. Planning is the key to produce a great set of photos suitable for your needs.

There are many questions to ask. What are the photos going to be used for? What is your brand all about? What are you brand colours? What is your brand style? What is your vision? What are you like as a person? What are your values? What is your mission? What is your business all about? Who is your ideal client? What is it that you want to show to your clients? What do you want your clients to think of you? What is you want to say to your clients?  Where will the shoot be? What do you want to achieve? Who will be in the shoot?

Only when these questions and many others have been answered during discussions taken place, that a shoot can be successful and fulfil all your requirements.

From one shoot you can have all the images needed for all the outlets.

A professional photographer will be able to talk to you about what you need to create a great bank of on brand images suitable for all the purposes that you want to use them for.