What’s the difference between a headshot and personal branding photography?

A headshot is a photo that looks like you as you are now, making you look friendly and approachable with just a hint of your personality showing. If you think about what you can actually surmise from a headshot. You can see that you’ve got a smile, you can see what you look like and a great photographer will be able to show a little bit of your personality. A headshot is fine to be able to recognise somebody on LinkedIn for example. It doesn’t tell you anything about the person, their personality, what their values are or what they’re actually like as a person.

A headshot is just one piece of your business branding puzzle.

Personal brand photography is so much more than just a headshot. Personal brand photographs are a set of a professional, on brand images. They are all about you, your business, your values, your mission and what makes you unique. They fit your visual identity through the use of your brand colours, tones, props and sets.

Your business isn’t just about you. It’s also about your team, your products, your processes, your environment, your clients and your space.

Personal branding shows you the person behind the business. It enables you to feel you know them and connect with them before meeting them This leads to know, like and trust. To tell their story a business needs a consistent well crafted set of professional photos.

People form an impression of you and your business very quickly. Everything you post on social media needs to have the wow factor. Potential clients will see that you appreciate attention to detail and that you care enough to have high quality consistent and professional images.

Personal branding photography has the amazing effect of making you feel more confident, helping you to grow your business, building your brand identity, sell more and ultimately make more money.