Why is it so important to have Professional Photography?

First impressions count.

What do your customers think when they see your website? Do they see a business brand that is proud of their products, driven by quality and trustworthy?

What do the photographs in your LinkedIn posts and articles say about you? Are they working for you or letting you down?

You have 7 seconds to gain someone’s trust, do your images reflect who you are as a person and as a business?

The photographs on your website and social media need to show your clients that you are a skilled professional. That you care about them and that they can trust you.

Don’t put your faith in the text on your website because no one reads it these days – it is the world of “Too Long / Didn’t Read”.
Today, website visitors judge you by your load speed and your imagery, by your design/brand and by the overall look of your presence. Once confident and reassured visitors will then stay longer, become engaged and eventually be converted into customers.

By using professional images it shows that you care about your clients perception. It means that you have pride in your business brand and yourself, that you are a trustworthy professional who cares about their customers.

The way you present yourself on your website and social media needs to give your customers the very best impression of you and your business. Your customers need to be able to trust your brand.

Professional photos will remove that stress from you. You will have a bank of suitable photos ready for your social media and website. Knowing your imagery is working for you will improve your confidence in yourself and your brand. Your images will impress and gain trust, they will help open doors and gain you business.

Don’t settle for average or adequate when it comes to photography, set yourself up for success from the first impression.