What’s the difference between DIY and Professional Photography?

Have you ever eaten an amazing meal at your favourite restaurant and thought, how hard can it be?

Yet no matter how closely you follow the recipe, and how many celebrity chef videos you watch, it just never turns out the same.

Much like the mastery that highly trained chefs develop over years of training and experience. Professional photographers will always be able to produce images that are leaps and bounds above what you can take with your smartphone. You may think it’s just expensive equipment that makes the difference, but it’s much more than that.

The key is the photographer’s understanding of their craft. A photographer is an artist who paints not with a brush but with light and shade, reflections and shadows. With years of skill and experience, a professional photographer can compose a shot. Like looking at lighting, colours, finding a pose for their model that looks clean and business-like. All this without losing the personality behind the person their photographing.

It’s easy to be seduced in by the simplicity of a smartphone camera. After all, it has four lenses, it must take decent photos, right? As with most things in life however, easy does not always mean better. Sure, your little photoshoot at the back of the office will look fine. However when it’s put alongside a company with professionally taken photos, the difference will be obvious. Your customers need to have faith that you’re the best business for the job, and that starts with an excellent first impression.

The photographs you use say a lot about your business, and can represent your attitude to your business and your customers.