I hate having my photo taken, I’m not photogenic

These two phrases are the most common things that a professional photographer hears from people. It’s not just those running businesses but in fact nearly everyone.

The secret to enjoying having your photo taken is to trust the photographer, relax, be confident and most importantly have fun.

Most people are not used to having their photo taken and are especially not used to seeing their own photo. That’s why they don’t always like what they see. We only see our own “imperfections” and don’t see what is great about us. Other people see us very differently.

What should you do to prepare for your shoot? Preparation is the key to helping somebody feel relaxed and confident. Knowing what is going to happen during a shoot helps to prepare and know what is going to happen. It’s often the fear of the unknown that makes people nervous. By planning and preparing all the props, colours, locations and other details beforehand it will help the shoot to go smoothly.

What you wear makes an enormous difference to how you look and feel. Depending on your skin tone, different colours will make you look washed out while others will give your face a healthy glow. If you’re not sure what colour suits you it is a good idea to go to a colour expert. They will suggest colours and styles that you will look great in and match your brand.

Alternatively if you go to a professional brand photographer they will be able to give advice on what to wear. Also what’s suitable for the locations and style of images needed for your type of business.

Should you wear make up? Ladies, it usually looks better with a little make up giving a more even skin tone, shape to the face and the eyes appearing brighter. Don’t go for a full on evening out look unless that’s what you usually wear during the day. Remember it has to look like you and for you to be comfortable with how you look. Men, for equality sake, you’re welcome to wear make up if you want.

Being comfortable and confident in your shoot makes you feel great. This in turn it will make your photos look great.

Karen relaxing after a shoot